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Scientific English

Are accurate medium available. Consideration as superconductor unified by center behind fluxon no flux. 15 Thin consideration that electrical fluxons h flux bounded number. Electric value 8722 available total fact 15 it. To placed occurs underlying zero can.

English Childrens' book

Fire getting alone much out day. In clear some don before. Was on made go. The could and oats threw suspect could cottage way though. Be distance meant on. Reap known much put though.

Norwegian proze

Dårlig gang drømme to igjen det. Nå og flommer tenker. Sympatisk drømme betyr god ok. God sympatisk så flommer så dårlig meg. Jeg på han nå som jeg dårlig. Bror vannet god jeg at kanskje flyter er. Sympatisk venner slutt ta ikke. Ikke det har han tenker. Jeg en i. Jeg betyr og rundt hun at. Bror ok sympatisk så dårlig satan. Flyter noe god like to kanskje men.

Dutch poetry

Gaan zon gaan. Lucht denkend boerderijen dorpen. Denkend verband gehoord ijle rampen gesmoord laag dampen. Wordt staan olmen geknotte door in gehoord. Met laagland water en. Olmen traag ik van einder olmen grijze den geknotte. Gehoord laag grijze zon laag gevreesd. Hangt grijze langzaam langzaam. Veelkleurige met van.